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The office was founded by the owner Birgit Abrecht in 1989 after she completed studies in architecture at the University of Applied Sciences in Karlsruhe, Germany. When she established her firm she took responsibility to design energy saving concepts for residential homes. This was unusual at the end of the 1980s as people were not aware of this issue.  

Building projects

For her clients Birgit Abrecht developed different energy standards of houses which consumed much less heating energy than required by law. In her own residential home and office she tested different possibilities and techniques which won the European Solar Prize in 1994 as a pioneer of energy saving building concepts (click here for more details). Both new buildings and existing homes, mostly constructed when few building codes has to be respected, were energetically improved with design concepts to reduce energy consumption. This was a challenge for architects with existing structures often needing extraordinary solutions.




In addition to the concepts for the external and technical components, Birgit Abrecht specialized in the energetic impacts of the homes we are living in. This includes the whole energetic spectrum which we find in our buildings and apartments and which has an exceptionally high and direct influence on the quality of life of the residents. Her energy consulting for interiors reaches far beyond the typical architecture performance and is a completely new and profound approach in energy consulting of the 21st century with the human being at the center. 





Since 1989 Birgit Abrecht is sharing her knowledge with colleagues, professors, students, interested clients and homeowners. Hundreds of students and professors have participated in seminars, lectures and workshops conducted by Birgit Abrecht. House tours can be booked in her own award-winning Solar-House, also with accompanying lecture and coffee by request. She is publishing articles in professional journals and works as co-author in books as well.


Energy consulting and certificates


The energy assessment of buildings and interiors and the elaboration of measures (energy consulting) are a fundamental part of Birgit Abrecht's work, as they form the basis for future decisions. To meet the legal requirements for new buildings, old houses, selling or renting she also creates the corresponding energy certificates. During implementing the energy-saving measures she supports clients in applying for funding and supervises the implementation in the buildings along with her team.


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For further information or arrangements for seminars, lectures or tours in the Solar House you are welcome to contact us. 



Birgit Abrecht

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