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Discover Icelandic Architecture - Birgit Abrecht

Discover Iceland's unique buildings

A valuable book for Iceland-travellers and -lovers 

"Discover Icelandic Architecture" is the ultimate introduction to one of the most beautiful countries in the world and its historical architecture. This is the essential book for every person traveling to or considering traveling to Iceland!“


Peggy McColl, New York Times Bestselling Author 

In this book you get to know the most important buildings in Iceland - interested?

A trip to Iceland is a very special experience. Not only because of the unique nature, but also because of the special culture that the island in the Atlantic ocean has to offer. The buildings reflect the development of the country in this harsh climate zone. The first permanent settlers had only certain building materials at their disposal and managed to build houses for themselves and their families that enabled them to survive the long and cold winters in Iceland. In the course of time, the buildings adapted better and better to the climatic conditions and the needs of the inhabitants. The most important buildings from the time of settlement until today are described in this handy travel companion.

"Everything can be found in a clear order in this guide. A book for Iceland-experts and -lovers." 

Jórunn Ragnarsdóttir, Architect

Are you ready to make your trip to Iceland a unique experience? 

Then this book is the right companion for you. Regardless of which part of Iceland you are travelling in: You will receive information about the most important buildings on site. In this way you can not only enjoy nature, but also enrich your trip with valuable information about the country and its people. You will get to know Iceland on a deeper and more intensive level! ! 

“In diesem Handbuch findet man alles in übersichtlicher Reihenfolge. Ein Buch für Island-Experten und -Liebhaber.“ 


Jórunn Ragnarsdóttir, Architektin 

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Iceland Travel-Box 

E-guide: Well-Being Package by Birgit Abrecht 
with the following content



Extensive and valuable information from 30 years of Iceland experience for your travel planning and a relaxed stay in Iceland!

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Architecture in Iceland
from the first settlement to the present day

Audiobook by Birgit Abrecht

Get an overview of the different construction methods of the country and how the 

Icelandic architecture developed from the first settlements in the 9thcentury. 
An interesting insight into the history of Iceland's unique building culture. 
Ideal for listening on the trip.

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8 facts

about the first home which was built in Reykjavík 
E-book by Birgit Abrecht 


Have you ever wondered how the first settlers built their houses in Reykjavík to survive in the harsh climate?


I was very excited when I learned in 2001 that the ruins of the first settlement in Reykjavík were discovered. The findings of the new excavations formed an increasingly clear picture of what kind of buildings the first permanent settlers built in Iceland. I have compiled this valuable information for you in this E-book "8 Facts about the first home which was built in Reykjavík". Here you will not only find the most important details summarized and clearly illustrated. You will also gain a deeper understanding of the country's unique building culture, which will make your trip to Iceland a valuable and exciting experience!

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7 steps to Paradise

from ruin to pearl 

E-book by Birgit Abrecht 

During a vacation in the Iceland, Birgit and her family discovered an abandoned cottage in Hnífsdalur, a small village in the Westfjords of Iceland.The house has been built in 1912, and nobody had lived in it for two years. The town, who owned the building, had decided to take it down. But in the year 2000 Birgit bought the house just in time and transformed it into a beautiful and charming summer cottage.This E-book reveals the seven important steps that had to be made in order to accomplish this mission. Before and after pictures beautifully illustrate the transformation.

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3 videos with recommendations of Birgit Abrecht to the 

  • Top 10 buildings in Reykjavík

  • Top 10 buildings in the greater Reykjavík area and Southwest-Iceland

  • Top 10 buildings along the ring road No.1 

In these videos you get to know my personal favorites in the capital Reykjavík, the interesting Southwest-Iceland and the popular ring road.

Value 39,99 EUR

“As a tourist guide, I recommend this book to anyone interested in Iceland. The author gives an excellent overview of the development of architecture in the country and provides valuable information on the most important buildings."


Helga Hausner, tourist guide Ísafjördur 

You want to enjoy your stay in Iceland to the fullest?  

Detailed maps of Iceland's regions and cities with the location of the buildings and exact addresses will help you to find the buildings quickly. In this way you save a lot of time for on-site research and long searches for buildings worth seeing. So you won't lose any valuable holiday time and can enjoy every minute of your stay in Iceland!

“An indispensable introduction to the Icelandic Architectural history and an essential help on site. With its illustrations and detailed descriptions it excels the information content of all travel guides."

Walter Reinthaler, Bilderreisen

In this extraordinary book you will discover: 

  • A cross-section of Iceland's most interesting buildings, from the traditional turf farms where Icelanders lived for centuries to the elegant wooden houses of the early 20th century and the highly innovative architecture of today. 

  • 170 buildings of various types, in all regions of Iceland. All of them are, in one way or another, significant in the history of Icelandic architecture.

  • 366 pages with texts in German, English and Icelandic, color photographs, plans, drawings and maps. The paperback comes with a plastic cover to protect the book on rainy days. 

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About the author 

The author and architect Birgit Abrecht travelled to Iceland in 1985 together with her present husband Stefan and immediately fell in love with this unique country. In 1989 she and Stefan married in a small peat church in Reykjavík. In the same year she founded her successful architectural office in Keltern, Southern Germany. She is a pioneer and speaker in the field of energy-efficient and solar construction and modernisation. The well-being of the residents is the focus of their work. Her projects have received several awards, including the European Solar Prize. 

She spent almost every summer in Iceland with her family studying the country's buildings.


In order to make this uniquother Iceland travellers and lovers, she decided to put it all together in a handy book and, together with an Icelandic publisher, published the first Icelandic architectural guide in 2000, which was already out of print after a short time. For this reason, she has now completely revised and expanded the book together with the publisher. The new edition will be published in 2018 under the title "Discover Icelandic Architecture". It offers not only valuable insights into Iceland's architectural history, but also detailed descriptions, plans and photos. Thus this book is indispensable for Iceland lovers and a valuable companion on your trip.  

Birgit Abrecht | Architect & Author

Enjoy reading and discovering!

Sincerely yours 

Birgit Abrecht

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